Here's what we can expect from the semi-reset of Revolution S2

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Sep 6, 2013, 11:27 AM EDT (Updated)

For a show that’s only been on the air one season, we’ve already seen a few different versions of NBC’s Revolution as it found its footing last year. Well, it’ll be changing a bit more in season two, and here’s what we can expect.

TV Line writer Matt Webb Mitovich has already gotten a peek at the season-two premiere, and he revealed that a time jump is on the way, as well as some pop-culture touchstones. But what about the things we missed during the time jump? Get ready for some flashbacks.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent Q&A:

“I watched the Season 2 premiere and it’s a pretty impressive ‘reset’ for the series, picking up many months later but (almost too) regularly filling in blanks via flashbacks. As we catch up with the crew, you’ll see that two of ‘em are living under pseudonyms, two are gettin’ some (in some cases from strangers) and — perhaps the most celebrated scoop of all — Aaron has finally groomed his beard. You’ll also learn that one of the major players was Goth as a teen, there’s a White House cameo, and its is revealed – no joke — which Friends cast member was the sole survivor of all that’s happened. P.S. If you have any aversion to unabashedly sweaty and shirtless David Lyons scenes, do not tune in.”

Do you like what we’ve heard here about season two? Do you think the show will finally pay off on all the promise?

(Via TV Line)

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