Here's what we know about NBC's Constantine: He'll be blond and British

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Feb 3, 2014, 11:58 AM EST

We may not yet know who’ll step into the shoes of the titular character of NBC’s upcoming Constantine TV show, but we know at least one very, very important thing: He’s going to be British.

Well, we actually know two important things. Stick with us, guys, we'll get there.

According to Bleeding Cool, the TV show's John Constantine will be unlike the last big-screen version of the character who was played by a dark-haired and very American Keanu Reeves back in 2005.

This time, the magician/occult detective and chain-smoking con man will be a Londoner (instead of being born in Liverpool, as per the comics) and will speak with a British accent—just like his Hellblazer comic-book iteration.

So that probably means nabbing an actor from the other side of the pond, now, doesn’t it? Perhaps someone a bit like Tom Mison from Sleepy Hollow ... unless an American or Canadian actor can totally do a killer British accent, which is still very much possible.

Not only will Constantine be a Brit, but he'll also sport the mop of blond hair that he does in the comics (John Constantine's look was based on that of music legend Sting, after all).

Being blond and British may be superficial traits, you'll say, and you'll be right; but that's how John Constantine was created, and, more importantly, that’s how the NBC powers-that-be want him. What’s really important is that the actor chosen for the role of Constantine actually nails the world-weariness and cleverness we've come to know and love on the page.

Do you guys approve that NBC's upcoming Constantine TV series is aiming to stay truer to the comic-book character of John Constantine?

(via Bleeding Cool)