Here's when and where we'll see the next trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron

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Jan 2, 2015, 11:14 AM EST

The first trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron created quite a stir after leaking a few days before its scheduled debut, and now we know when the next trailer will arrive. Good news — we don’t have to wait long.

Marvel has confirmed that the second trailer for the eagerly anticipated Avengers sequel will debut on television during the first-ever College Football Playoff National Championship on ESPN. The game is set for Jan. 12 at 8:30 p.m. on ESPN. It'll feature Ohio State and Oregon, and is expected to be a ratings bonanza. Plus, Disney owns Marvel and ESPN. So, synergy!

Considering the level of awesomeness in the debut trailer, we can’t wait to see what new footage they’ll slip into this one. You’d have to think there are a whole lot of bombshells left undisclosed at this point, including the Vision, more Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver, more Hulk-buster, more Ultron, etc., etc.

Check out Marvel’s teaser for the trailer below and let us know what you want to see. 

(Via The Playlist)