Here's which version of Harrison Wells we'll get in The Flash Season 4

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Mar 26, 2021, 1:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Thanks to the multiverse, The CW’s Flash has featured different versions of Tom Cavanagh’s Harrison Wells across pretty much every season of the series. So which version will we see in Season 4?

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg confirmed to Entertainment Weekly the series will be circling back to “Harry” this year to keep Cavanagh in the mix, as opposed to introducing yet another new version of Harrison Wells. Harry is the version of Wells from Earth-2, and he’s been both a series regular and a recurring player the past few seasons. With Team Flash facing off against genius super-baddie The Thinker, Kreisberg said it was the perfect opportunity to bring Harry back into the mix.

Last season had Cavanagh playing the new character H.R. for much of the year, a version of Wells from yet another alternate universe. H.R. had his own journey as he found his place on the team, then tragically sacrificed himself to save Iris at the end of last season. So the team has a Wells-shaped hole on its roster heading into this fall that will need to be filled.


Kreisberg said the creative team feels there’s still “more meat on the bone” for Harry’s story now that his daughter is serving as the Flash on Earth-3 and he’s in need of a new mission and purpose. His arc in Season 4 will find Harry grappling with “what he’s missing in his life and what it is he needs to become a better, more complete person.” He teased that it’ll be a “more emotional” story and an “epic emotional journey” to help Harry grow as a person as he returns to Team Flash.

Fans are likely excited to hear that Harry will be back in the fold, but that doesn’t mean he’s the only Wells kicking around the Arrowverse this year. Kreisberg dropped the tease that “Harry won’t be the only Wells we’ll see this season.” So who could it be? Here’s hoping for Cowboy Wells. We need more Cowboy Wells.

The Flash premieres Tuesday, Oct. 10, on The CW.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)