Here's who'll be playing the other Trickster in Mark Hamill's Flash episode

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

Mark Hamill’s epic return as The Flash baddie Trickster hits this year, and now we know who’ll be playing the young copycat baddie. 

Devon Graye, 27, has reportedly signed on to portray a younger version of the Trickster in the eagerly anticipated episode. The actor is likely best known for playing young Dexter Morgan on Dexter. Hamill’s adult version of the Trickster, which will find him reprising the role he originated in the 1990s Flash series, will be in prison this time around.

It seems Graye will be playing the comic character Axel Walker, who was also the second Trickster in DC lore, created during Geoff Johns' time at the helm. In the comics, he worked with the Rogues after the original Trickster started working with the FBI. In that version of events, he stole the original Trickster’s gear and took up the mantle.

The episode will apparently have the Flash reaching out to Hamill’s long-incarcerated version of the Trickster in an effort to help crack the case of this new copycat. The casting report comes via Comic Book, which claims it has been confirmed.

The Flash is already firing on all cylinders, and bringing in a genre heavyweight like Hamill has us even more excited. Especially considering that the cameo happens to hit in the same year as a new Star Wars sequel.

(Via Comic Book)