Here's why the Game of Thrones producers are ignoring the Internet

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May 5, 2014, 5:45 PM EDT (Updated)

Despite shocking Game of Thrones viewers for the past two weeks (twincest rape, how the show is wildly veering away from the books, and the whole Ser Pounce bit), showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have remained blissful through it all. Here’s why.

Apparently, both Benioff and Weiss made a pact to no longer read people's comments about the hit HBO fantasy series on the Internet. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly (the interview was conducted this past September during their set visit, but it’s the first time this is being published), here’s what D&D had to say:

“We both made this pact that we were going to stop looking at stuff online because you can go into the rabbit hole and get lost in this world of online Thrones commentary if you’re not careful,” Benioff said. “We both felt a lot saner after we stopped doing that. There’s many more important things to be reading about online than our own show.”

There was only one reason that made them break their cardinal rule, and it was during the infamous “Red Wedding” episode which aired last season, calling it a “fair exception.” Besides that very particular, massive, game changing and horrifying event, both Benioff and Weiss have stayed away from...um...Internet trolls:

“You look at a message board and there might be nine positive comments, but the tenth one is negative — and that’s the one you’ll remember, that’s what sticks in your head,” Benioff said. “And you want to have an argument with the person: ‘Well, here’s why this happened [in the show],’ and you can’t. You start having an argument in your mind and you realize you’re losing your mind. You’re having an internal argument with somebody named DragonQueen42 — you’re never going to win that argument.”

Do you guys agree with David Benioff and Dan Weiss’s arguments to stay away from all things fan commentary online?

(via EW)

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