Here's why Hit Girl was rewritten in Kick Ass 2 to be more "female driven".

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Jan 25, 2016, 2:16 PM EST (Updated)

Apparently Hit Girl went through some changes during the script editing process for Kick Ass 2.

Writing female characters for your cape-and-tights movie isn't easy. Look at the few female-driven suphero flicks -- Supergirl, Tank Girl, Catwoman, and Elektra were all box-office duds, and they're not terribly good films, either.

So Hit Girl, despite not being the main character, is a bit of an anamoly. The older she gets, though, the more concerned people behind the scenes are about how she's written. 

While out promoting Kick Ass 2, Hit Girl actress Chloe Grace Moretz talked about the evolution of the character and how, after the first draft of the script was done, an additional set of writers was brought in to work specifically on Hit Girl's characterization.

On the first draft with my character it was very male centred so what we had to do… we brought in The Creaseys who was another writing team to collaborate with Jeff and create more of a female side of the character in relation to the maternal aspect. Because you kind of have to have that female driven character, you can’t have the crass eleven year old be fifteen or sixteen, it’s not so cute anymore.

So what could that mean? "Male-centered"? Does that mean she behaved too much "like a man" int he first draft? And what does being female mean to Hit Girl? Because being a woman doesn't mean the same thing to everyone who happens to be one!

There's a difference between being a young girl and becoming a woman, sure. So we get the need to look at that aspect of the character. Still, we're cautiously curious to see what form a more deliberately female Hit Girl will take.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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