Here's why Roberto Orci says Star Trek WILL return to TV

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Sep 25, 2013

Star Trek writer Roberto Orci gave a fascinating nearly two-hour long interview in a “very special” Mission Log Podcast supplemental where he talks about a lot of Star Trek stuff in general, as well fan criticism and a little thing we all want to hear about called bringing back Star Trek to TV.

Yes, we’ve talked about this A LOT, but we’re still waiting to get a Star Trek series back where it rightfully belongs: into our homes, on the small screen.

(Before we go on, we want to note that this interview was partially transcribed thanks to the efforts of Trek Movie.)

With the recent Trek flick Into Darkness obviously having made the big bucks when it was in theatres and now on DVD and Blu-ray sales (despite the current stigma of having been voted the worst Trek film ever), is there a place for the beloved sci-fi show to head back to TV as a proper series?

Orci, who talked a little about how both mediums have changed over the years and where Star Trek fits both into the theatre and onto the small screen, thinks so, saying:

“When I saw Star Wars I remember thinking, ‘yeah Star Wars is amazing, but I can’t watch it at home. I can watch Star Trek at home. I remember thinking [about Trek], ‘wow, this is a whole universe,’ where as Star Wars seemed like a one-off.”
“I do think Star Trek is wonderful for TV. I think it should be both [TV and movies]. I saw a Next Generation movie, I won’t say which, but I thought ‘Ahh, it’s slightly succumb to the trappings of movie making. A lot of action and not enough philosophy.’ It’s interesting to read that criticism of some of the stuff we’ve done in the last two [films]. TV affords you [philosophy]. But, I do think that audiences are sophisticated enough that Star Trek can be Star Trek in both mediums now.”
“Star Trek ain’t going anywhere. It’s going to outlive all of us. And it’s going to be translated into every kind of delivery system you can imagine. It’s not going away from TV either. It just depends on when it comes back and how it’s programmed against the movies.”

Well, we've only got one thing to say to that, Mr. Orci, and that'sin the famous words of Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart)make it so!

How about you. Do you agree with Orci's assessment? Is there truly a place for Star Trek to co-exist in both mediums at once: TV and movies?

(Trek Movie via Trek Web)

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