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Here's why we'll be waiting a while for the next Indiana Jones pic

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Dec 13, 2013, 3:49 PM EST

We got word a few weeks ago that the future of Indiana Jones is now under Disney’s control as part of the Lucasfilm deal, but it sounds like we'll have to wait a while to see what comes next.

Variety reporter Marc Graser covered a speaking event with Disney Chairman Alan Horn, who confirmed they do plan on milking more out of the franchise — and even offered a tidbit about the status of any potential sequel/prequel. Basically: They're definitely doing something, but it'll be a few years while they develop a story concept.

So, no surprise — Disney does plan on taking advantage of the Indiana Jones brand, in much the same way they’re ramping up the massive Star Wars development slate. Sure, Indiana Jones is no Star Wars, but it’s still one hell of a big franchise. But, thinking they’ll have something ready to open within 2-3 years? That might be a little optimistic. But, hey, don’t bet against the (Mouse) House.

As for what we can expect? Hopefully Horn is telling the truth when he says they’re waiting until they have a story worth telling, because the last thing we’d want to see is a rushed-out mess of a sequel just for the sake of doing it. Considering Harrison Ford’s age, you’d have to wonder if Disney would want to pin the future of the franchise on the aging (but still awesome) star.

Instead, might we see a reboot of the ol’ Young Adventures of Indiana Jones on the big screen, casting a new actor in the iconic role? It’s certainly possible, especially considering that Disney isn’t shy about finding any way to make use of its most valuable commodities (i.e. the upcoming Star Wars spinoffs, which will complement the main sequels).

Oh, and about those Star Wars sequels? We also have an update on that. Not surprisingly, Disney is still waiting to get a look at J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan’s finished script, which is slated for delivery in January. We'd all better hope it’s done by then, or they’ll be pushing it to hit that December 2015 release target.

What shape would you like to see the future of Indiana Jones take? True sequel? A prequel? Both?

(Via Variety)