Here's the worst thing Jack "King Joffrey" Gleeson has done in real life

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Apr 4, 2014, 1:49 PM EDT (Updated)

Joffrey is a bad, bad man. The actor who plays him, though ...

One of these days we're going to figure out how Jack Gleeson is so good at playing everyone's least favorite Westerosian. Sure, he's planning to quit acting in favor of charity work for the rest of his life, but, deep down, he's got to be evil. Right?

Well, if there's a darkness in Gleeson, it won't be found today. He was asked what's the worst thing he's over done, and his response was less menacing and more adorable.

Um, I read my sister’s diary when I was 7. She was, I think, 13. It was awful to read it … I also ruined the end of one of the Harry Potter books for the same sister. I said Sirius dies when she was halfway through.

I'm sorry. Let me get this straight -- the worst this man can offer is an '80s coming-of-age movie stereotype and Harry Potter spoilers?

Wait. Gleeson, were you also responsible for one of the biggest memes of 2005?

Sure, he would have been only 13 at the time, but, from henceforth, King Joffrey's greatest crime will be screaming "Snape kills Dumbledore" out of a car window. Truly, the greatest villainy of all time.

(via Uproxx)

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