Here's your first photo of the watery alien world of Interstellar

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Aug 15, 2014, 4:47 PM EDT (Updated)

We got a glimpse of it in the most recent (and awesome) trailer, but now a photo has surfaced of Interstellar's alien world.

Entertainment Weekly has just published its fall preview issue, and included inside is a handful of new photos from Christopher Nolan's upcoming sci-fi epic. The one that has made its way online shows Matthew McConaughey in his space suit, trekking across the treacheous and water-heavy surface of the new planet that he, Anne Hathaway and their crew visit via wormhole in order to find a new home for humankind.

According to EW's writeup, the "wastelands of Iceland" stood in for the alien world, which doesn't exactly look like a hospitable choice for a new human civilization. Still unexplained is the strange, black geometric shape also seen briefly crossing the water in the trailer, which is speculated to be some form of extraterrestrial life.

There's a lot about Interstellar that we don't know, but John Lithgow certainly whet our appetites by describing the film to EW as "a thrilling interaction between grand spectacle and intimate, intense relationships," adding, "More so than many films of this genre, Chris found a way to make fantastic drama out of cosmic ideas and current human anxieties." 

Interstellar has been my most anticipated film of the year for a long time, and Mr. Lithgow's comments only make the wait for its Nov. 7 release that much more unbearable. Check out the photo and discuss below how much you're looking forward to the movie as well.

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