Here's a look at the Hunger Games movie you never saw

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Dec 17, 2012

These days, it takes a long time and a lot of effort to get a movie made in Hollywood, and studios often hear from many different filmmakers about how they would envision a particular film. And we—the public—almost never get to see one of those visions that wasn't used.

A studio looking for a director for one of its properties will often hear "pitches"—detailed and concise creative proposals—from a number of different filmmakers on how they would approach the movie, their take on the material, etc. In recent years, those pitches have included visual presentations, made by the directors themselves, in the form of mashup trailers—brief compilations of scenes from other movies that are chosen for their look and tone to give the studio an instant idea of what the director sees in his or her head for the film they're hoping to direct.

When Lionsgate was looking for a director for The Hunger Games, Kevin Tancharoen prepared just such a pitch. Who is Tancharoen? So far he's just made one film—the 2009 remake of Fame—but he got onto the radar of the sci-fi fan universe with a startling test short film for a proposed Mortal Kombat: Rebirth movie.

That actually led him to a job directing the Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series and developing a new film for the franchise, but in the meantime, he also tried to land himself in the director's chair for The Hunger Games and made a mashup trailer to show the studio brass exactly what he had in mind.

Well, as we know, Gary Ross ended up getting the job, but Tanchareon has now shared his trailer exclusively with Slashfilm and also given the site an interview in which he discusses the process of making such a trailer and making the pitch to the studio.

Check out the trailer below, which showcases a very different vision for the movie. How do you think Tanchareon's vision for The Hunger Games stacks up against the one we ultimately saw? What do you think of his choice of film clips? And with Francis Lawrence already shooting Catching Fire, should the studio hire Tanchareon for Mockingjay?