Here's how J.J. Abrams got NBC to sign up for his Revolution

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Jan 14, 2013, 1:38 PM EST

Ever since the early days of Heroes and Lost, the big networks have been trying to find another mainstream sci-fi hit. Well, the wait is over, because NBC seems to have struck gold with electricity-free series Revolution. But how did producer J.J. Abrams get the network to bite on the high-concept drama?

Aside from the fact that he's the guy who created Lost and Fringe, Abrams used a simple "what if" on the network execs to get them excited about the premise:

He told them, via Entertainment Weekly:

"Look out the window here, at this crazy rat race of life in L.A. Now imagine right now that everything stopped.

...What was important was to really get them to stop for a minute and consider what they would do."

The ploy worked, and the room of decision-makers spent the next few minutes spit-balling on what they would do in the situation before Abrams dove into the storyline.

With a solid idea in hand, Abrams and Kripke had to figure out an actual name for the show. They were always keen on Revolution, but the name was already taken by a talk show in development at ABC. The duo considered everything from Downfall, Uprising, Blackout, Transistor, Resistor and Transponder along the way. Luckily, Revolution finally became available before the series went to air.

What do you think of the series? Have you joined the Revolution?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)