Here's how the original Star Wars poster was made

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Before any of us ever saw the Star Wars George Lucas created, we saw the one dreamed up by the Brothers Hildebrandt. That's because the twin brothers painted the famous poster that was the first exposure any of us had to the 1977 film before we walked by it to get inside the theater.

Greg Hildebrandt (who lost his brother Tim in 2006 in a diabetes-related death) spoke to Hero Complex about how that iconic art was created.

Amazingly, one of the most famous movie posters of all time came about in a matter of hours.

"Incredibly, the first version of it—without the droids—was created in a feverish, nonstop effort over just 36 hours!" said Hildebrandt. "George Lucas asked for the droids to be added and for our signatures to be larger. We made those changes at the ad agency, and off it went!"

If you happen to be in Santa Monica this Saturday, drop by Every Picture Tells a Story for an exhibit of Hildebrandt's original art, posters and prints. And not just because you love Star Wars. The Brothers Hildebrandt are famous for a second famous universe as well—they drew the first Lord of the Rings calendar back in 1976!