Here's how you can appear in HBO's A Game of Thrones

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Lena Headey. Sean Bean. Peter Dinklage. They've all been cast in HBO's A Game of Thrones pilot, an adaptation of the fantasy novel by George R.R. Martin.

Now add to that list ... you.

"Ever since HBO first took out an option on A Game of Thrones—even before we got an actual production order—I've been getting emails from readers who desperately wanted to be a part of the production," Martin wrote today on his blog. "'I'll do anything!' some of you have written. ((Really, don't say stuff like that. Really. Don't.)) Well, now's your chance. The call has gone out for extras."

If you're male (Check!), between the ages of 16 and 60 (Ditto!), can be in Northern Ireland in the last week of October and first two weeks of November (I could do that!) and can ride a horse (Oh, well ... ), hurry over to read the casting agency's urgent call.

Good luck!