Here's proof that Guardians of the Galaxy movie may actually happen

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Dec 17, 2012

We've been hearing for almost a year that Marvel might be getting set to add Guardians of the Galaxy to its roster of superhero flicks. Now we've seen some interesting documentation that points to a big Guardians-related something on the horizon.

The possible evidence of a Guardians flick comes in the form of filings Marvel made earlier this month with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a wide range of consumer products. They're tying up trademarks for everything from inflatable furniture to watches to soft drink syrups to sleeping bags to non-medicated toiletries (could we be getting Guardians of the Galaxy bubble bath?), along with dozens of other product types. You can read the filings for yourself here, here, here and here.

It certainly seems like the sort of thing Marvel would do right before a movie launch. After all, what's a superhero movie if you can't also sell party plates, novelty jewelry, Guardians of the Galaxy bedsheets and toothbrushes?

Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston has also reported that a new Guardians comic by Marvel superstar Brian Michael Bendis could be on the way after the company wraps up its Avengers vs. X-Men event this fall. Bendis writes boatloads of comics, so that might mean nothing, but among his recent work is the new ongoing series Avengers Assemble, which launched just a few months before The Avengers hit theaters. Could this be another movie buildup tactic?

Of course, these clues could point somewhere else. All this marketing could be part of, say, an animated series rather than a movie. But it definitely looks like Marvel is looking to ramp up interest in the Guardians in a big way. What do you think? Is this what's next for Marvel Studios?

(Via Bleeding Cool)