SGU may be ending, but wait'll you see the SGU cast's NEW show

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Dec 14, 2012

Have you been in serious Stargate: Universe withdrawal ever since the series was canceled? Well, a whole lot of SGU alumni are working to make you feel better.

No, it's not a revival of the show, but Red Eye Chicago reports that SGU visual FX supervisor Mark Savela and production assistant Ken Kabatoff have teamed up to write a pilot for a new series called Echoes. And they say that they've rallied "about 80 percent" of the SGU production crew to create a presentation piece with which they hope to sell the show.

The team, which includes SGU veterans like actors Jen Spence and Mike Dopud, director Will Waring, director of photography Michael Blundell, production designer James Robbins and composer Joel Goldsmith, is assembling in Vancouver this weekend to shoot the piece, which will showcase about 15 pages of the script.

The proposed series follows the struggles of humans trying to survive an alien apocalypse in the near future. The twist on this well-worn premise is that the aliens did not intentionally set out to destroy us; Earth got caught in the crossfire between two extraterrestrial races.

Kabakoff said, "Having aliens against another alien race basically leaves the humans as collateral on their own planet. Many of the Earth's citizens have been wiped out already. It's not us against them, it's them against each other, and we're just trying to stay alive."

Spence, SGU's Dr. Lisa Park, will play a woman leading a band of humans across what's left of the United States two years after the alien war crashed into Earth. Savela said, "It's basically her journey from a shy, unassuming kind of wallflower into a kind of Sarah Connor-type character."

Once the presentation piece is completed, Savela and Kabatoff will shop it around to the networks, where hopefully the "dark, gritty and action-packed" series they have planned will get picked up.

If it does, it seems likely that the pair could bring back many of the SGU team members who helped get Echoes started. Savela said, "When we came up with this project, people said, 'Oh, we all get to work together again? That's really cool.' Everybody jumped on board."

Does this sound intriguing to you? Think all those members of the SGU family can make the magic happen again on something completely new?

(via io9)