Here's the line they wouldn't let Stan Lee speak in Amazing Spider-Man

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Dec 17, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man is finally in theaters, and we know all you True Believers will be on the lookout for the traditional cameo by Spidey's co-creator, Stan "The Man" Lee. Lee's definitely in the movie, and while we won't spoil the specifics of his cameo for you, we can tell you there was at least one bit Lee wanted for his appearance that director Marc Webb turned down.

Lee's popped up in all sorts of places during his time as a Marvel movie actor. He's played security guards, appeared in news reports and even saved innocent people from danger (see Spider-Man 2). His Amazing Spider-Man cameo is among the cleverest of his appearances, but it was written to be a silent role. According to Webb, Lee wanted more.

"The first thing when we sat down, he was like, 'So let's talk about my cameo,'" Webb said. "He kept trying to add lines."

So what dialogue did Lee cook up for himself? Apparently the line he wanted for his scene was this gem:

"Oh, Dostoevsky. He's like the Russian Stan Lee."

The line didn't make it, but it is proof that Smilin' Stan definitely hasn't lost his goofy sense of humor. Keep a look out for him when you head to see Spidey in theaters this week, Spider-Friends!

(Via Time)