Here's why you'll probably never see Nathan Fillion as an Avenger

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Dec 17, 2012

He's worked with Joss Whedon for over a decade and headlined arguably his most beloved series in Firefly—so why hasn't Nathan Fillion suited up as a Marvel hero in Whedon's Avengers?

Fillion has been rumored for the role of Ant-Man, a founding member of The Avengers, for a while now. But FIllion has been punching holes in the idea recently. Turns out Fillion doesn't consider himself a big enough star to take on a superhero (aside from Captain Hammer, of course).

He told Digital Spy:

"I have to be honest. The entertainment industry is an industry. I love telling stories but finance does meet art. If I were in charge of an Avengers sequel I would be very concerned about what kind of money I could make back overseas, and these kinds of things. I'm not quite at that level yet where I could just be plopped in there but I'm getting there. I've had more than my fair share of Joss Whedon projects. I find it very difficult, even being the selfish kind of guy I am, to say 'give me more.'"

Check out a video of the interview below:

What do you think? Is Fillion too small a name to score a role in a Marvel or DC project?

(Via Digital Spy)