Heroes Reborn digital prequel series to help fill in the time gap

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Jul 14, 2015, 7:52 PM EDT

Heroes Reborn is a 13-episode series that will begin airing on September 24, 2015. But it’s been five years since its precursor TV show Heroes was cancelled. The producers have created a digital prequel, Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters, to provide a link between the two series. You can watch it now…but only if you have an iOS device.

According to Cult of Mac, NBC has created “an entire prequel series that explains how the world has changed since Heroes…,” which you can watch on your iOS device.”

In addition, “NBC’s new iOS app lets you explore the entire Heroes backstory, catching up on iconic scenes from past seasons as well as following individual characters and their story arcs. You can watch clips from the show and share them on Facebook, and even send the video to your Apple TV via AirPlay.”

Apple itself isn’t a content provider, but as with Amazon and Netflix, which started their lives as a digital bookstore and videostore, respectively, this exclusive content could signal a move toward that space. 

NBC (Note: SyFy Channel is a network of NBC Universal) may consider this exclusive deal to be a good one: There have been over 1 billion iOS devices sold. But this number does NOT mean 1 billion iOS users. Since the advent of iOS in 2007, I have personally purchased three separate iPhones, plus an iPad—four separate iOS devices.  

Meanwhile, the Android OS has also shipped 1 billion devices, despite being released one year after iOS, in 2008. And none of them will be able to watch Heroes Reborn.

You can check out the new show here. Heroes. Yeah, there’s an app for that. 

Oh look, a trailer: 

(Via CultofMac)