The Heroes Reborn prequel web series is now available

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Jul 23, 2015, 7:01 PM EDT

Fans of the 2006-2010 series Heroes will be happy to know that their show, about superheroes who live, work, and teleport among us, will be returning with a 13-episode miniseries. But, awesomely, there’s a prequel series to the new show, called Dark Matters. And it’s just become available...

...if you have iOS. The six-episode miniseries is only available as an app.

Heroes fans who don’t have a Mac, an iPhone, or an iPad will have to hustle up some iOS-using friends — or their own superpowers. Or continue reading. 

In this series, we meet Phoebe Frady as she reveals her ability to her brother, Quentin. Her power: Shadowmancer. (It’s pretty cool, actually). As the miniseries continues, she becomes more adept at her power. As her powers grow, so does her anxiety...as well as the anxieties of people who fear the Evos. 

According to NBC,

It's been five years since the public became aware of the existence of evolved humans or "EVOs" who possess incredible, supernatural abilities. In that time, the public has grown to either fear or revere EVOs. An online community forms around the rallying cry of the anonymous Hero_Truther, who seeks to humanize EVOs in the wake of lies, slander and fear mongering. Among those posting their personal stories is Phoebe Frady (Aislinn Paul, “Degrassi: The Next Generation”), who is encouraged to document her origin story by her brother, Quentin (Henry Zebrowski, “A to Z”). But as Phoebe struggles to control her power, she attracts unwanted attention from a mysterious new company. 

The only real downside to this free app? It starts off with a commercial. In an app. 

You can watch the first episode, snagged from YouTube, here:

Via IGN.