Heroes' Hayden Panettiere latest Scream 4 victim

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Emma Roberts and former Heroes star Hayden Panettiere have joined the cast of Scream 4, according to Variety.

The movie already features original Scream stars Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox, along with Rory Culkin, and it also reunites director Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson, architects of the first three movies in the series.

Roberts, who is the niece of superstar Julia Roberts, replaces Ashley Greene of Twilight in the cast as Jill, one of the main heroines of the new storyline and cousin of Campbell's character Sidney. Roberts has been previously seen in Hotel for Dogs and Valentine's Day, both movies that are not exactly popular around these parts.

Roberts said in a statement at EW.com, "I'm so excited to be part of this groundbreaking franchise. ... It's the perfect opportunity for me to do something completely different than I've ever done before." Craven added, "Emma's talent, beauty and range will add immensely to the sophistication, intensity and fun of the Scream franchise as it returns to the screen once more."

Panettiere, of course, just got laid off with the cancellation of Heroes, but didn't even have time to file for unemployment (as if) before getting the Scream job. She will play Roberts' best friend, who is said to be a film geek (because it's not Scream if you don't have one of those).

Scream 4, which will be in 3-D like just about everything else these days, begins shooting in Michigan next month, with an April 15 release date on the schedule.

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