Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie: Love and adventure brewing in first full trailer

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Oct 15, 2017, 6:17 PM EDT (Updated)

It may have been a decade-and-a-half since we last saw Arnold, but that football head hasn’t deflated a day. In fact, the whole Hey Arnold! crew is looking better than ever in the first full-length trailer for Nickelodeon’s upcoming TV movie, Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie.

Revealed to fans today at New York Comic Con and online on Buzzfeed, the new trailer shows the crew a year after the beloved '90s series ended, embarking on a class trip to the jungles of San Lorenzo, which just so happens to be the last place that Arnold’s long-lost parents were seen. The trailer is packed with lots of swashbuckling, Indiana Jones-style adventure, romantic tension between Arnold and his secret admirer Helga, and, of course, heaps of nostalgia.

You can check out the trailer below... 

The two-hour animated movie premieres on Nickelodeon Nov. 24. What do you think, at first glance, does it appear to have been worth the wait?

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