Hey, Ridley! Look which pop idol wants to star in Blade Runner 2

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Dec 17, 2012

Ridley Scott has people foaming at the mouth over a possible Blade Runner sequel. The director's mentioned more than once that he plans on making a follow-up to his sci-fi classic. If and when the film gets made, there's a certain pop star who'd love a shot as its female lead.

While promoting her 3D concert film, Katy Perry: Part of Me, the singer revealed her deep love for Scott's Blade Runner. When asked about her dream acting gig, she declared that she wants to star in the sequel.

She told NextMovie, "I guess, if there was going to be a Blade Runner 2, that I would maybe want to be Rachael. But I know that is saying too much. But that's a dream, and I have lots of 'em."

In the original, Rachael is a replicant who believes that she's human. The character was famously played by Sean Young, but could Ms. Perry give her a run for her money? The last time we checked, Scott was interested in changing the new film's lead from male to female.

Maybe Perry has a shot? Dreams do come true.

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