Hide your cats—ALF is back and coming to the big screen

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Dec 17, 2012

ALF creator Paul Fusco has been talking for a while now about how the world needs a reboot of the beloved '80s alien—and now he's getting his wish. ALF is coming to the big screen.

A hybrid live-action/CGI remake is being handled by Jordan Kerner, the man behind the absolute train wreck (but box-office hit) that was last year's Smurfs movie.

The Hollywood Reporter says Kerner will produce the film, along with original creators Fusco and Tom Patchett.

Fusco has previously spoken at length about his plan for a reboot, and said he thinks ALF 2.0 could get away with quite a bit more snark than the '80s sitcom version.

For the uninitiated, the ALF franchise was a popular sitcom that focused on a furry, smart-aleck alien puppet living with an average American family. The series ran for several years, and also spawned a few TV movies.

Are you looking forward to seeing ALF on the big screen?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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