Hideous on-screen countdown annoys Lost and V fans

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

If you watched last night's episode of ABC's Lost and you're like us, you were pissed at the obtrusive countdown clock to V that the network chose to place in the corner of the screen.

It stayed there through most of the episode, even blocking certain action during the show.

Well, we're not alone: Executive producer Damon Lindelof and other fans were equally mad:

"Yes, people, I saw it too," Lindelof tweeted. ":34 minutes until I cry myself to sleep," according to a report in The Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed column.

Other reactions: "To the ABC exec who decided to put the V countdown clock on the bottom of the Lost screen ... I hate you. Passionately," tweeted one ESPN columnist.

Star Ledger columnist Alan Sepinwall was even more articulate about it on his blog:

Really, really, really pissed off that ABC saw fit to clutter the bottom corner of the screen with a "V" logo and a ticking count-down clock to point people towards tonight's return of that show.

On-screen clutter has been one of the scourges of television over the past decade, as networks think nothing of putting annoying flashing billboards all over their shows, sometimes for other shows, sometimes to remind you of the name of the show you're already watching. ...

But because I watch "Lost" live like the rest of you, there was no way to avoid it, and it was ridiculous: between the large red "V" logo, and the ticking clock, it was impossible to not notice it, virtually ever moment it was on screen (which was everywhere except right before or after a commercial break), and in at least one case the stupid clock obscured the note Sun was writing to Jack. Well-done, ABC. Really freaking well-done.

What did you think? Did you notice? And were you as mad as the rest of us?

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