The Highlander reboot is courting a superstar

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Nov 20, 2014, 10:55 AM EST (Updated)

Casting for Summit Entertainment's Highlander reboot just took an interesting turn. A veteran Hollywood actor is being eyed to play one of the film's most pivitol roles: Conner MacLeod's mentor, Juan Ramirez. 

The Wrap is reporting that the studio is interested in Tom Cruise for the part. (The Spanish) Ramirez was played by (Scottish) Sean Connery in the original film, which also starred (French) Christopher Lambert (as a Scot). Cruise hasn't committed to the movie, but that doesn't mean an offer hasn't been made.  

The actor's currently focused on the latest installment of his Mission: Impossible franchise. A representative for Cruise confirmed that Highlander is one of many projects that have been sent his way. But he is  “far from talks,” so we shouldn't get our hopes up. If he somehow does commit, expect him to get significantly more screen time than his predecessor. 

Someone of Cruise's stature could help secure a worthy actor to play the title character. Since Highlander is the feature directorial debut of Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, Cruise's presence could boost its profile. 

Highlander was originally released in 1986 and spawned multiple sequels and television adaptations. It's also known for the tagline "There can be only one," a killer Queen soundtrack and a should-have-been-star-making performance by Clancy Brown as the villainous Kurgan.

Do you think Cruise would be a good fit for Highlander?

(via The Wrap)