Hikers take surprisingly clear video of Bigfoot (or something)

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Jul 30, 2013, 11:14 AM EDT

Has the elusive missing link finally been spotted? 

Dating as far back as the '20s, the urban legend of sasquatch has persisted in the American subconscious. Prospectors have claimed to have been kidnapped by the beast, large footprints have been discovered, photos have been taken, but there's never been any real concrete evidence that Bigfoot is real.

And yet many still believe that the Pacific Northwest may have multiple sasquatch inhabitants. Adding fuel to that fire is this latest evidence -- video shot by a couple hiking in the remote Canadian mountains.

While taking photos, the couple witness someone (or something) moving around in the distance. It appears only briefly before disappearing into the wood.

Is it Bigfoot? You tell us!

We'll grant that, whoever or whatever that is, it definitely appears to be a very large, hairy biped. It doesn't move like a bear, either. Are we seeing a mountain man, or a guy in a suit, or is that the real thing?

(via The Sun)