Hilarious limericks recap iconic Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes

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Jun 26, 2015

Like so many of Joss Whedon's creations, Buffy the Vampire Slayer has this incredible ability to bring out the most creative side of its fans. Take, for example, these brilliant limericks that find a fast and funny way of recapping every episode of the show's seven-year run.

With so much packed into most episodes of the show, you might think that it would be very difficult for a simple rhyme to sum up the whole thing, but it can be done. Plus, it's cute to see the way some of the limericks foreshadow events from later episodes.

We've pulled a few of the ones we like best. Let us know which ones you like, or, better yet, come up with some of your own for the later seasons.

[Spoilers ahead!]

(via Waffle Meringue Productions)

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