Hilarious reason Peter Dinklage doesn't watch Thrones on TV

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Jun 12, 2013

Fans went nuts for the season three finale of Game of Thrones (including a large contingent who watched the show illegally, apparently), but fan-favorite star Peter Dinklage apparently wasn’t one of them.

The actor, who portrays Tyrion Lannister on the hit series, got caught by TMZ out in the wild on Sunday night and was asked about the finale. His thoughts? It’s old news, because for him it was, “like, a year ago.”

Since he already knows what’s going to happen, Dinklage let slip that he doesn’t really watch the show — mostly because he doesn’t have HBO. Really? Here’s an excerpt from his comment:

"I don't watch the show ... I mean, I don't have HBO."

Of course, Dinklage is a funny guy, and he could just be pulling the interviewer’s leg. But, it’s not uncommon for stars to avoid their shows because it can get a little weird, and it sounds like Dinklage is among them.

The strangest thing? You’d think with the paycheck Dinklage is pulling down, he could at least afford some pay cable channels. Oh well, maybe he has a friend that will lend him an HBO GO password. 

(Via TMZ)

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