Hilarious video challenges you to play 'Star Wars or Italian dish?'

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Jul 4, 2015

Add up all the characters, places, objects and alien races invented across the Star Wars universe in films, books, comics, videogames and toy lines, and you end up with hundreds or even thousands of names. But while some, like Han Solo, are instantly recognizable and iconic, others are a bit more obscure, so obscure that you might confuse them with, say, Italian food.

To find out just how easy it is to mix up Star Wars characters with pastas and Italian fish stews, comedian Kevin Maher hit the floor of New York Comic-Con to quiz cosplayers on whether terms like "Onca," "Nuvo Vindi," "Colo Claw Fish" and "Mon Calamari" were related more to Star Wars or fine Italian cuisine.

Watch what happens when Black Widow, Phoenix, an old-school Cylon and a cute little Spider-Man (to name just a few) take on the challenge.

(The FW via Huffington Post)

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