Hilarious animated clip shows how Prometheus SHOULD have ended

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

It was billed as Ridley Scott's epic return to the Alien universe, though some fans would say the recent sci-fi epic Prometheus is a bit of a mixed bag. One of the biggest issues is that ending. So, what would've been better? Spoilers ahead!

The fine folks at How It Should Have Ended have finally tackled Scott's spacefaring alien search, and you have to admit—their ending does make a lot of sense.

Plus, it's worth watching just to see their hilarious interpretation of the iconic alien-chestbursting-bortion scene. Oh, and what did David really say to the Engineer? Honestly, this makes about as much sense as the real translation.

Check out the clip below:

What do you think? Did you like Scott's ending or prefer this more concise adaptation?

(Via How Is Should Have Ended)