Hitler hops on a T-Rex in kooky new Iron Sky: The Coming Race trailer

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Nov 7, 2014, 7:40 PM EST (Updated)

The first Iron Sky movie plunked down Nazis on the moon, and now the filmmakers behind 2012's wacky science fiction hybrid are taking it down a notch ... way, way down, inside a hollow Earth.  

Check out the first trailer for Iron Sky: The Coming Race, with a female U.S. president avoiding a nuclear firestorm by boarding Marine One and flying to a remote Antarctica bunker where she reveals herself as a clawed she-demon and descends into a hidden fantasy kingdom populated by goose-stepping Nazis and soaring dinosaurs.   After a distant rumble rises, Adolf Hitler gallops up riding a T-Rex and hinting at some diabolical plan to invade the topsiders 20 years after World War III.  An especially awesome touch is the T-Rex flashing a "Heil Hitler" salute with its stubby arms.

Stifle your giggles and have a peek ...

This awesome teaser perfectly captures the insanity of the first film and whets our appetite for more craziness to come.  Director Timo Vuorensola and producers Oliver Damian and Tero Kaukomaa are hoping their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo will help raise an estimated $10 million over 18 months for them to complete their wild vision for the sequel.  

Will you contribute to Iron Sky 2 and further fund the madness?

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