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Hitman 2: First trailer decodes the perfect assassination

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Jun 12, 2018, 5:19 PM EDT (Updated)

Agent 47's back, baby, and a whole lotta people are gonna be finding themselves assassinated. The first trailer for Hitman 2 has shot its way onto the internet, but it's more subtle than you might think. This isn't some willy-nilly shoot-'em-up where anything goes. You're gonna need all your skill, cunning, and wit to organize the perfect, untraceable murders.

Some people are good at art, some at writing, but Agent 47's really good at killing, sort of like Krombopulos Michael on Rick and Morty. As long as you pay him, he'll kill whomever you want. Set at a sunny Miami race track, the trailer teases explosives, vantage points, and disguises, which will aid you in pulling off your spree of carefully methodical homicide. 

Watch it below:

The 10th title in the widely popular Hitman series of games, the title for Hitman 2 was accidentally revealed on Warner Bros. Games’ website earlier this week. With the release of the teaser, the title has been confirmed beyond a doubt.

According to the small description info, the upcoming game will have players tracking the Shadow Client across six "exotic" locales. "Shadow" has been the franchise's primary antagonist for quite some time and in addition to being a fellow assassin, he has hinted that he and 47 have more in common than just their profession. 

Hitman 2 will be released on Nov. 13, but it's already available for pre-order in a number of different editions with varying levels of cool expansions and whatnot. Ranging from Standard to Collector's, you'll be able to enjoy things like early access, extra weapons and outfits, and some real-world collectibles based on the game.