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Hitman 2 rumors rage as WB accidentally teases sequel

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Jun 5, 2018, 12:36 PM EDT (Updated)

The Hitman franchise has seen a resurgence lately (after a not-especially-good movie), with its latest video game iteration earning praise so strong that it bolstered a move to the small screen. Now there’s likely to be a new addition — coming soon. After a few social media teases, an image (briefly) appeared on Warner Bros. Games’ website.

According to Variety, this logo for Hitman 2 was the “apparently accidental” leak that occurred after the social media strategy pushed out the few Twitter pokes and prods in that direction:

hitman 2 logo

Source: Warner Bros. Games

And here are the tweets from the Hitman and WB Games accounts:

Unless this is an elaborate scheme to trick fans (and that seems very unlikely), the upcoming Warner Bros. Games sequel would be the 10th game in the long-running franchise that recently peaked with 2016’s Hitman. That game was already an episodic thriller of contract fulfillment, on-the-fly disguises, and mission improvisation -- so what do you think they’ll have to add to Hitman 2 to keep things fresh?