Hoax Who 50th-anniversary trailer that fooled fans still worth watching

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Jun 27, 2013, 2:50 PM EDT (Updated)

This trailer for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary isn't real, but it's so good you won't even care. 

We're less than half a year out from an episode that, at the very least, will see Matt Smith and David Tennant go toe to toe in a two-Doctors extravaganza. So people are understandably salivating at the thought of seeing footage from the landmark episode. You can imagine how thrilled people were when they thought the first teaser trailer had finally leaked.

The trailer is absolutely amazing, but it's also absolutely fake. But if someone hadn't told us up front that this wasn't the real thing, we never would have known. It's so good that we're left feeling that the actual trailer (whenever it turns up) will have some big shoes to fill.

How about you? Were you fooled?

(via Doctor Who TV)