Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Geek lifestyle items from Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and more

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Apr 12, 2019, 4:03 PM EDT (Updated)

Do you know someone who has a difficult time getting through the day without pretending to Vader choke someone, pop out adamantium claws, cast a spell learned at Hogwarts, put a Vulcan pinch on a person or talk in a deep, growling caped crusader voice and saying things like “You shall not pass!”? 

Well, in case you were not aware, that person is a geek. Maybe even a nerd. That person might even be you. But we love you all the more for it, and relate to the desire to bring our fandoms to life at every turn. Sadly, until we at Blastr manage to irradiate (or genetically enhance) a spider, we can’t give you super powers like Spider-Man. And our Force skills, and spell-casting abilities, are still pretty weak.

However, we sure can help you and the fan on your gift list the next best thing to existing in your favorite universe. With the list below of replicas, toys and lifestyle accessories, you can live it up all year long. Be forewarned, we did kind of go nuts with the Star Wars items on this list. Apparently there is something happening soon that has it on our brains. Go figure.

Star Wars Pen and Journal Gift Set by Cross
The pen is mightier than the lightsaber. Choose from a sleek, metal Darth Vader, C-3PO or stormtrooper gel ink push-button click pen. The matching bound journal measures 8.5 by 6 inches, with 160 pages of lined acid-free paper — perfect for outlining your theories on what fate befalls the galaxy far, far away in Episode VIII. For a stylus fit for the Emperor himself, upgrade to Cross’s Townsend series, in 23-karat gold C-3PO, black satin Darth Vader, or white lacquer stormtrooper, each available with either a rollerball or fountain tip. (Pen and journal set, $75; Townsend pen, $450 to $575) - Denny Watkins



Norman Reedus "Dressed To ****" T-shirt
If you’re wanting something well outside the status quo for The Walking Dead fan in your life, an official Norman Reedus/KISS mash-up shirt could do the trick. Yeah, it’s as awesome (and weird) as it sounds. The T-shirt comes from Impale Design, is available exclusively at Thirteenth Floor, and features Daryl Dixon’s alter ego as every member of the band KISS. Strangely enough, it totally works. Available in both men's and women's cuts, the shirt line also has Ramones/Reedus and Reedus/Circle Jerks mashups. The thing we kind of dig the most is that it plays to the Reedus fandom while being cool and subtle and breaks into new territory for personal brands. ($25) - Trent Moore


Amity Police Jaws Coffee Mug
You're gonna need a bigger...cupboard for this cool black earthenware Jaws mug. emblazoned with the gold Amity Police crest and motto. from Last Exit To Nowhere. Ask Chief Brody to pass the creamer and hope Amity Island stays predator free for another summer season. Not safe for dishwater, but just rinse it out in some non-shark infested sea water. The Last Exit folks are already a premiere destination for subtle, in-universe nerd apparel, and now we're ready to drink up some of their other items. This is a perfect way to salute the anniversary of the original blockbuster movie from 1975, and get your daily dose of caffeine at the same time. ($13.50) - Jeff Spry



Ommegang Game of Thrones Iron Throne Blonde Ale and Take The Black Stout set
One of my favorite microbreweries, Brewery Ommegang, continues their Game of Thrones collaboration with their re-release of Iron Throne Blonde Ale and Take the Black Stout. Previous years have included Fire and Blood red ale, a Valar Morghulis Dubbel Ale, and a Three Eyed Raven Black Saison and, thus far, they have all been pretty incredible. But this return of the first two is as exciting as a Jon Snow resurrection. Ommegang tends to reflect the Belgium side of brewing, but these are not just good Belgium-style beers, they're solid starters for those looking to branch out into more complex brews.. The set also includes a pretty nifty Game of Thrones beer glass as well.  It's an awesome gift for someone who loves craft beers and one of the greatest shows on television today. Drink well, my friends. ($22.95 at most retailers) - Matt Dorville



Loot Crate Star Wars Limited Edition Crate
When choosing a gift for the dedicated Star Wars fan, you run up against a problem: What Star Wars stuff, exactly, do they already own? This curated collection from Loot Crate — valued at more than $150 — ensures a happy surprise. Each box contains 9 items, some of which you can’t find anywhere else, like the exclusive and unassailably cool BB-8 raglan shirt. Geeks with more cosmopolitan fandom tastes might also enjoy a monthly Loot Crate subscription, with a t-shirt and several other items worth over $45. Loot Crate keeps mum about contents until their release each month, but previous offerings have included action figures, comic books, toys, and other unique collectibles, all built around a theme like “time travel” or “villains.” (Star Wars Crate, $100; Loot Crate Subscription, $20 per month) - Denny Watkins



TARDIS Bluetooth Speakers 
We can’t vouch for the quality of these Doctor Who speakers, but we can vouch for their coolness. The TARDIS and Dalek Sec (the leader of the Cult of Skaro, for those not immersed in Whoviana) sit on your desk and play your sweet, sweet music, your telephone calls, plus a few audio clips from the show—and who doesn’t want to hear the threat of extermination from a 7-and-a-half-inch Dalek? The battery, which powers your speakers for 10 hours regenerates recharges, and the Police Box sign and the Dalek eye stalk shine illuminate when connected to your Bluetooth device. The speakers also have a microphone, so you can issue commands to the Dalek fleet on your phone. Tell the Doctor we’re coming for him. ($219.98) - Carol Pinchefsky




Soaper Mario Bros. 3
This one falls a bit more in the stocking stuffer range, but is the perfect gift for any gamer, or just someone with some nostalgia for the good ol’ days of console gaming. This is essentially a bar of soap designed to look like old Nintendo cartridges. It’s also made from a blend of food-grade plant oils with a noncomedogenic base, and is 100 percent vegan (for those who care). If bath time isn’t geeky enough, this should do the trick. ($12) -Trent Moore




Life-sized Alien Facehugger and Egg
Have a close encounter with this frightening NECA replica of the slimy facehugger and its pulsating egg pod from Aliens. Scream like Newt as you playfully wrestle the creature to the floor and try to avoid its snaking ovipositor. Made from detailed, hand-painted foam rubber, the egg stands 36" tall, and is equipped with a wire armature to open its ominous, articulated flaps. Special LED lights inside provide an eerie glowing effect to scare you into diving out of the airlock. The companion facehugger comes with a bendable tail to hang over unsuspecting friends and relatives. The only bad news is you have to wait until March to get these bad boys delivered to your giftee. ($400) - Jeff Spry



Ronin Boba Fett action figure
The intergalactic bounty hunter always had a bit of a samurai slant by design, and this new action figure from Bluefin is capitalizing on that history in a very cool way. The figure was designed by artists Takeyuki Takeya and Junichi Taniguchi, and features a unique custom-designed set of armor and feudal era-inspired weapons and accessories. The figure features up-to 15 points of articulation, and measures 6 3/4 inches tall. The melding of styles is absolutely stunning, as the figure design seamlessly incorporates the iconic Boba Fett imagery in a unique, almost timeless, way. ($89.99) - Trent Moore



Big Bad Book of Bill Murray
Karaoke crasher. Wedding crasher. Party crasher. You name an event, and actor/comedian Bill Murray has walked right in and stolen your french fries. This book, which calls itself "part biography, part critical appreciation, part love letter, and all fun,” is about as eclectic as Murray himself. Written in an alphabetical encyclopedia format, most entries are bite-sized chunks of Murray lore. Sadly, it lacks quotes from Murray. But it does explain why Murray turned down the lead in Airplane! but accepted the job as the voice of Garfield. ($22.95) - Carol Pinchefsky



Floating Record Vertical Turntable
Born on Kickstarter, this geek-tastic feat of engineering takes a record player and basically flips it up vertically. Aside from looking cool, it’s also an opportunity to display your vinyl as it plays. If you’re into collecting cool-looking vinyl (we can help you with that), it’s an amazing way to enjoy your classic sci-fi and horror soundtracks in a refreshingly new way. The engineering is very cool, with the record secured into the vertical turntable, and the needle mounted to a carbon fiber tone-arm. Plus, this thing is a piece of stunning tech and furniture all in one. Retro cool at its greatest. ($399.99) - Trent Moore




Han Solo in Carbonite mini fridge
After the Boba Fett figure, this suggestion seemed like a natural. The mini fridge has become a staple that fits in everywhere from apartments to man (or woman) caves. But, why settle for a generic black or white box, when you could have your very own Star Wars hero frozen in Carbonite? This officially licensed mini fridge is big enough to hold about 16 canned sodas (or something a bit more adult, if you’re so inclined), and includes some LED lights on the front to spice things up. Plus, if you’re traveling, it can also be hooked up to work in a vehicle. If a fridge doesn’t suit your needs, it also has a heating function to keep items hot — so it’s a multifunctional slab of geekiness. ($149.99) -Trent Moore



Firefly Lighter
We saw Jayne Cobb smoke a cigar in Firefly, but the hero of Canton needs a lighter worthy of his stogie. Quantum Mechanix is offering two choices for the Firefly fan who likes to light up (cigars, cigarettes, incense, Alliance Government Complexes, what have you). The first is a cunning likeness of our favorite spaceship, Serenity. The second bears the image of the flag of the Independents Army, as well as the logo of the TV show. This lighter is for fans who literally want to keep the Firefly flame alive. Also, to mix my Joss Whedon metaphors, “Fire pretty." $14.99 - Carol Pinchefsky


Reverse-Flash replica ring
Yes, I am one of those people who come in Wednesday morning and obsess over the previous night's Flash episode. I like Arrow as well, but The Flash was always a childhood favorite comic of mine and with Wally West joining the show (my absolute favorite Flash ever), this show is like comic book crack to me. This Reverse Flash replica ring from The CW show (worn by Harrison Wells) is an awesome addition for anyone who loves either the comic or the show. It is both good as a collectible and something to wear every day. It even flips open in case you have a miniaturized suit to store in there. ($45.95) - Matt Dorville



Mondo Exclusive Back to the Future Trilogy Original Score vinyl
It’s still the year we all went Back to the Future, and to further celebrate that anniversary of Marty McFly climbing into the DeLorean, Alan Silvestri’s complete score is being released for the first time on clear-colored 180 gram vinyl with Electric Blue splatter through Mondo for pre-order only. As with all Mondo releases, they come highly limited. The box set is housed in a hardshell slipcase with liner notes by screenwriter Bob Gale, and was limited to 2,000 copies, which have already been sold through. However, one can still purchase the three soundtracks individually sans liner notes, featuring stunning package design and art by Matt Taylor. Each score is split into a Double LP for a total of six vinyl records. This is for that serious soundtrack and original score collector you know, and as an added bonus, Parts II and III, each have 20 minutes of previously unreleased cues. The expected ship date is February 2016, but get in your orders immediately. ($35 each) – Ernie Estrella



Entertainment Earth Black Label Star Wars Figures
It wouldn’t be Christmas without gifting some Star Wars figures, but these aren’t your average Force Awakens toys you can get at your local Toys R Us. This 6-inch, Imperial Forces box set is also a highly-coveted Black Series exclusive to Entertainment Earth and features a Sandtrooper Sergeant with a heavy arsenal of weapons, Lieutenant Oxixo, and droid R2-Q5. The chase figure that makes this box set relevant though is the sexy Crimson Stormtrooper, and it’s the first time it has ever been offered as an action figure and comes with a rifle and blaster. Just imagine how stealthy it could be in a Twin Peaks Black Lodge play set! Before it was just the Crimson Royal guard who flaunted the red-threads, but not anymore. Get as many as you can afford, as they look really cool to display in the red black packaging, just make sure you get one to open up! ($100) – Ernie Estrella



Omni Treadmill
Virtuix is taking orders for its treadmill, which, combined with the Oculus Rift VR headset (a separate purchase), puts you squarely in the game, so every step you take, your character takes it, too. It’s about as immersive experience as you can get without beaming you in to a computer, a la Tron. More importantly, the Omni treadmill will keep gamers physically fit, and that leads to quicker reaction times. It also will prevent gamers from becoming too sedentary, a problem that leads to a plethora of physical and mental woes. That’s the real reason you should buy the Omni treadmill: because every gamer can use the extra health. ($699) - Carol Pinchefsky



Game of Thrones mini-book and Jon Snow mini-sword replica
Not every gift has to be big or expensive, and the Game of Thrones: Longclaw Collectible Sword and Mini-Book from Running Press will go a long way for the little spent on one of the best little gifts for the George R.R. Martin obsessive. The 48-page picture book is all about the Night’s Watch and measures at a teeny three inches, but what’s really cool is the mini-replica of Jon Snow’s Valerian steel blade, Longclaw, which measures at four inches. This is not just some cheap plastic replica. It’s a highly detailed, solid metal sword with an equally intricate sheath sleeve and stand to display it. It is a handsome gift set, and the one who wields it can use it as a very honorable letter opener. ($13) – Ernie Estrella



Doctor Who: Twelfth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Remote
This sonic screwdriver, which opens its claws with a flick of the wrist, isn’t just a solid reproduction; it’s a remote control that accepts thirty-nine control codes, which means it can handle the same commands as your pathetic non-Doctor Who remote. The sonic screwdriver uses an accelerometer, so your commands are gesture-based. They may be simple gestures (push, pull, up, down, left, right, etc) but this remote control proves that everything, including turning up the volume on the telly, is better with a sonic screwdriver in your hand. Note: It’s compatible with home entertainment equipment that uses infrared remote controls, but not radio-frequency remote controls, nor Bang & Olufsen equipment. ($119.98) - Carol Pinchefsky



The Secret Life of Toys "Recession Time" Fine Art Photography
These award-winning, limited-edition fine art aluminum and metal Star Wars prints from The Secret Life of Toys will cure your desires for some uniquely geeky wall art. Argentinian photographer Marcos Minuchin creates one-of-a-kind poses with an assortment of mini-figs, action figures and props, then offers the photographs in various signed and numbered editions. Each hilarious image of Star Wars toys caught in moments of daily life and surreal activities is treated with a special metallic coating to preserve your collectible, whether it's Stormtroopers having a beer, Anakin Skywalker panhandling for food, or Admiral Ackbar leaping into a Frappuccino. ($150-$1,500) - Jeff Spry



DCU Gotham Central / Central City / Starling City replica police badges
We all know someone who would be the type to make a citizen’s arrest or pretend that they’re a hard-boiled cop, right? Maybe they’d like to audition as an extra on Gotham, The Flash or Arrow and be authentic? In all scenarios, these DC Entertainment Police Badge replicas seal the deal. They each measure about 3.5 inches tall and are molded from the real show props used on the television shows. They also come chrome-plated and attached to a leather mount and hang off a 28-inch chain so for those that want to serve and protect can flash their badge while roughing up a local shoplifter, or you know, that co-worker who stole their lunch. But seriously, you will go to real jail -- not comic book jail -- if you use this for anything beyond entertainment and cosplay purposes, so play safe. ($29.95 each) – Ernie Estrella



Assassin’s Creed jacket
For $129, this gray assassin’s jacket is stylish enough to be interesting yet subtle enough to let you blend in with the crowd. It also doesn’t scream “gamer,” so you can wear this on streets — and only you and other gamers with eagle vision will know you’re subtly cosplaying. But even if you don’t buy this jacket for yourself or a loved one, you should note the assassin’s symbol in the lining, on the zipper, and on the cuff’s buttons. Of course, by the time you get that close to the jacket’s wearer, it will be too late. Requiescat in pace. ($129) - Carol Pinchefsky


Squadron Z messenger bags and backpacks
I almost didn’t write about this item, because I kind of don’t want the rest of the world in on my secret. But then I decided to share my discovery of these customizable geeky bags from the fairly young, up-and-coming company Squadron Z. Made with heavy duty canvas, leather, and strong clasps, they are built to last and will look good to the end (of time and space). And the artwork is protected, so it will not scratch off or flake. I personally discovered the bags at comic cons, where fans were buying them, then getting them signed by celebs (which is a pretty cool way to make a cool bag into a cooler memento). Speaking of comic con celebs, they have been catching on with nerd royalty such as Michael Rooker and Jason Mewes, to name two. As for mine, it’s a custom-made Indiana Jones messenger bag, with a whip fringe and a replica bag of sand hanging off it, and is emblazoned with a gorgeous painting of the fertility idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark. I couldn’t be happier with this gift to myself, and I think the product idea will catch on (Prices vary, but this Star Trek one signed by Brent Spiner is $169). - Aaron Sagers