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Holiday Inn Express promises to save 13 freaked-out guests from real-life Friday the 13th camp

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Apr 10, 2018, 11:59 AM EDT (Updated)

We’ve previously covered a terrifyingly awesome (if not just plain terrifying) opportunity to replicate the events of the original Friday the 13th movie this April 13. Or at least the event of staying overnight at the Hardwick, New Jersey, Boy Scout campsite known as Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco — also known as Camp Crystal Lake. Fans can go on a movie location tour, spend time with final girl extraordinaire Adrienne King, and pray for morning as they spend the night.

And if they get too spooked, well, they can find an escape from an unlikely source.

Holiday Inn Express, which conveniently and thematically has a location 13 miles down the road in Newton, New Jersey, will “offer an escape plan that provides free refuge” for any horror fans who realize maybe being a horror fan and being a horror star are two different, incompatible things for them. According to a release, the hotel will have shuttle on standby, parked “from dusk to dawn on Friday, April 13th... with the lights on and engine running, ready to whisk away campers.”

Or at least 13 of them.

As company vice president Jennifer Gribble says, their way out “provides 13 ticketed campers with a free night at our nearby hotel, if they so desire. Rest assured, guests will not find any scary masks, chainsaws or machetes on premises... only a great night’s sleep and free pancakes.”

Pancakes vs. Jason is the crossover of the century — but it will only be available to the first 13 campers to chicken out. Worth it? Possibly. Nice to have as a backup? We're sure every slashed teen in movie history would agree.

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