Holiday Who, Avengers & Batman pics, SW hipsters & more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 15, 2012

To tweak the old saying, "Everything old is awesome again." (Made more awesomer by your comments.) This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments gives Doctor Who's Christmas set a check-up, looks behind the scenes at Catwoman and Avengers, announces some shiny Firefly news (x2), considers zombie cartography and ... discovers Star Wars' hipster douchebags.

Our story: 3 awesome Avengers 1st-look photos (and NO Photoshop!)

Your best comment: Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner: Shooting at print outs of their hacked naked photos. — Tom

Our story: 15 totally awesome (and spoilery) Doctor Who Xmas set pics

Your best comment: The Christmas special could be before the Doctor died. he was nearly 200 years older when he died. So it could be that this is what he did during those years. — Whofan121

Our story: 5 sci-fi blockbusters reimagined as old school game cartridges

Your best comment: This almost makes me long for my old Atari 2600 ... almost. — Cris

Our story: 11 Star Wars characters dressed as hipster douchebags

Your best comment: I'm going to take a wild guess and say that alot of the people commenting are butthurt hipster douchebags. :) — John

Our story: Latest comics controversy: Did DC ruin two more female characters?

Your best comment: Before people jump on the pedestal and believe anything the news tells you I would ask you to form an opinion after you read said comic and not before. I haven't read catwoman yet but as far as Red Hood, the character does fit in line with the context of the comic. They aren't the squeaky clean group that is written for 8 year olds, they are rough adult themed team of outlaw antiheros.

If you are looking for strong female character try Batgirl, Batwoman, Wonder Woman, or Supergirl.

P.S. If this bugs you, I might suggest you don't turn on the TV because it's no different that what is on the airwaves. — David

Our story: Firefly star decides it's time to officially come out

Your best comment: Every time I read a story concerning anything gay-related on Blastr, I am initially pleasantly surprised by how many people are positive and mature about it, regardless of their own sexuality. But it doesn't take long for all the backward homophobes to show themselves, masquerading their bigotry behind their hollow and unconvincing principles.

Whether you would rather not know is irrelevant, this actor has decided to make it known and he deserves some recognition for his refusal to live a lie anymore. No, his sexuality shouldn't matter - but unfortunately we still live in a world where it does, and Hollywood is still a place where image is everything and handsome actors need to appeal to as wide an audience as possible if they want a career. Anything that threatens that gets swept under the rug. If Sean Maher hadn't come out by himself, then some scandal sheet newspaper would have done it for him (particularly if he ever wanted to marry his partner) so its better that he takes charge of the situation and pre-empts that from happening. And while it doesn't change his abilities as an actor, it is important for public figures to be honest about who they are. It's all about visibility and a refusal to live a lie just to make some publicist or producer happy.

Nobody has to declare that they are heterosexual because it is perceived seen as the "norm". The same way heterosexuals don't have "straight pride" marches because they have never been an oppressed section of society. But if people can't accept diversity in the world then stay inside your homes with the door locked and your TV off until the day you finally drop dead. The world will not miss you. — Melora

Our story: 6 sci-fi and fantasy film franchises that cry out for prequels

Your best comment: The He11raiser prequel should be made as a comedy in the style of "Office Space" - about a newly spawned demon who has to deal with a myriad of he11's ridiculous rules and terror-bosses. Tagline: "In he11, even torture is boring". — HellraiserInTheOffice

Our story: 1st official Dark Shadows cast pic shows Depp looking less awful

Your best comment: Okay this cast photo makes me feel better about the production than that Joker Makeup photo of Depp that leaked last week. But still there sure isn't a whole lot of press about this movie yet. Either way though I knew from the minute they announced this movie that I would be at a Midnight Preview show if I had to drive 500 miles to attend one. Though how I'm going to duplicate the "running home after school" feeling is something I have yet to work out. — DD

Our story: Oxford University creates a zombie map of the world

Your best comment: Hawaii isn't even on the map... does that mean i'm safe? unlikely. — Lilja

Our story: Hathaway's Catwoman costume revealed to be better than we thought

Your best comment: The ears kinda look like she took the goggles and pushed them up on her head, kind of accidentally creating the cat-ears. If that's what happens, i like the idea of it. — zosolias

Our story: Firefly's Alan Tudyk teases the Serenity sequel

Your best comment: Firefly 2: The Search for Wash — Kraven

Our story: Is Marvel about to match DC with its own company-wide relaunch?

Your best comment: I highly doubt Marvel is copying DC, considering that these companies have most everything planned out a year in advance. Since there's a lot of crossover between artists and writers, it's very feasible that a hint or two got out from DC, but both companies are always trying to create a big event each year that will drive up sales and bring in new readers. The fact that DC's sales are soaring, I'm sure, is getting Marvel excited about the prospects, but I really doubt that they're going to rush to change too much of their plan since it takes a while to write and draw good comics. Crap won't sell anymore and the big guys know that. — uncledeath