Hollywood Aliens

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Aug 28, 2007

Hey, another science dork on YouTube!

Oh wait, that's me.

Update: Coincidentally, Clifford at Asymptotia was going to blog on this very topic when he saw my post! He added it into what he wrote, which is a good read.

This clip is part of the UK show Cosmos: A Beginner's Guide; this episode was specifically about life in the Universe. We filmed this in Palo Alto quite some time ago, before I moved away from California. It was fun! Lynn Rothschild and I were at the Stanford theater, a really first-rate old-style theater that I highly recommend. We sat and chatted about aliens for a while, and that was that. I'm glad to see the show finally aired, and I can't wait to see the whole thing (a friend will be sending me a disk, so maybe someday I'll write about the show itself).

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