Holy automobile replica! You can own this Batmobile for $500K

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Aug 3, 2016, 2:23 PM EDT

The 1966-1968 TV series Batman was known for its campy goodness, its deadpan humor, and a Batcave’s worth of gadgetry. But of all of the accoutrements that Adam West’s character had access to, the Batmobile was the most iconic. And now it can be yours. For $500,000.

Philadelphia-area dealership LBI Limited is offering this “significant piece of automotive history” on its website, along with a matching Bat-cycle and an awe-inspiring amount of geek cred.

According to, this particular Batmobile is an unofficial replica “built by Batmobile superfan Jim Sermersheim using a 1958 Ford Thunderbird in 1966.” George Barris, who built the original Batmobile based on a Lincoln Futura, was so impressed with Sermersheim’s reproduction, he purchased it for himself.

Later, Barris sold it to a car collector in the 1970s, who sold it to a family in New Jersey in the late 1980s, who are now selling it to someone with a supervillain’s (or billionaire playboy's) bank account.

The car, which seems to have only lapbelts, don’t look street-legal from the photos. Does that mean Batman will have to turn himself in to Commission Gordon if he drives it?