Holy $%!@ this live-action trailer featuring Cthulhu is fantastic

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Dec 14, 2012

We don't know whether this trailer for a Spanish-language H.P. Lovecraft-inspired movie scares the $%!@ out of us because of Lovecraft, the spooky special effects or just the fact that it's terrifying to hear people screaming in terror in a language we don't understand, but in any case, it definitely makes us want to see the movie itself.

La herencia Valdemar, directed by Jose German Luis, opened a few weeks ago in Spain. According to the Spanish Wikipedia page (helpfully translated by Babelfish), Luis has said that:

"H.P. Lovecraft was very difficult to adapt, since filled its pages of descriptions, without hardly dialogues nor personages. What we have done is to catch the essence of its books and to create a free script, as much that we adapted historical facts and personages to equip history with greater credibility."

We have no idea what that means for the final film, but check out the awesome trailer below.

(via reddit)