Horizon Zero Dawn’s next installment could be a canon-authentic board game

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Aug 2, 2018, 8:20 PM EDT

If you’re eager for a peek at the next chapter in Guerrilla Games’ award-winning, franchise-launching Horizon Zero Dawn, your best bet — at least in the short term — may be a lore-authentic tabletop board game set for a Kickstarter campaign from Steamforged Games.

Steamforged has announced it’s partnering with Guerrilla and Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe to develop Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game, which company co-founder Mat Hart promises “will allow fans to explore this incredible world in a new and unique way.” 

Details on how the board game’s systems and scenarios will set up for fans familiar with the video game’s massive, western-U.S.-spanning post-apocalyptic world are still light, but IGN got an early preview from the company and revealed the game will be set after the events of both the main video game and its accompanying The Frozen Wilds DLC. 

That leaves the board game’s timeframe somewhere after Aloy’s final (for now) victory over the rogue AI that threatened to destroy the still-young, post-technological world that emerged after a much earlier cataclysm had actually destroyed the one we’re familiar with. The game’s canonical ending also left open the role of Sylens, the mysterious free-thinking helper whose motives for aiding Aloy seriously come into question, just before the final credits roll.


Steamforged Games

HZD: The Board Game reportedly will feature custom gamepieces (like the scrapper machine above) and cooperative campaigns, with a single gameplay session consisting of “a series of five or so hunts that get progressively harder. You pick a class with a unique deck of skills at the start, then replace worse cards for better ones as you get stronger, before trying to take down a final giant creature,” notes IGN.

This isn’t the first screen-to-tabletop game adaptation Steamforged has made; the company’s already put together officially-licensed Dark Souls and Resident Evil board games, as well as a Dark Souls card game. HZD: The Board Game’s Kickstarter page hasn’t yet gone live at the time of this article’s posting, but you can follow the Steamforged Twitter feed to stay abreast of new developments.