Channel Zero renewed for two more freaky seasons at Syfy

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Feb 9, 2017, 4:15 PM EST

Syfy already has a second season of Channel Zero on the way later this year, but the network has gone ahead and booked two additional years — meaning the series is now set to run through at least 2019.

The horror anthology series was inspired by the online creepypasta horror tales, and the first installment, 2016's Candle Cove, was a hit with critics and horror fans alike. This year's story, No-End House, features a house of horrors that gets more terrifying the further inside you explore. Much like how FX's American Horror Story has found success by telling largely unconnected stories each season, Channel Zero takes a similar approach.

Syfy has signed producer Nick Antosca to a larger deal to stick around and lead these future seasons while also developing new projects for the studio. Fellow producer Max Landis (Chronicle) will also be back.

"Channel Zero certainly hit a nerve with Candle Cove," said Chris McCumber, President, USA and Syfy. "We look forward to creeping everyone out again this fall with No-End House – and can't wait to see what nightmares Nick has in store for the future."

The next season of Channel Zero is expected to premiere around October. With this new deal locked in, it looks like series will be a new Halloween tradition.

(via Deadline)