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Gaming: Horror from God of War director, EA Access to PS4, Dead Cells mobile

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May 7, 2019, 4:48 PM EDT

Today’s gaming news involves a new project coming from an old favorite and an old service finally showing up in a new place. God of War, horror, and EA (which is synonymous with “horror” in some gamers’ minds) are all included.

First up, David Jaffe’s new project. Jaffe was director of the first God of War, then returned for its award-winning revamp last year — and now he’s working on something scary. Announcing the project on Twitter, Jaffe wrote that the secretive game is “attempting something new with in-game storytelling.”

Check it out:

The single-player horror game Jaffe is designing and writing is top secret...even to potential investors. That means “no funding and no interest in the project,” from anyone besides him, he says:

Though the creative’s decision to share even this much seems to be less of a tease than an inspirational battle cry for himself and fellow developers, even his call-to-arms is exciting for those left buzzing by his recent God of War work:

Some fans have already begun speculating that the project could be a VR game that Jaffe Kickstarts, but with so little to go on, one can only hope his horror truly does innovate as promised.

Next, the PS4 is finally getting EA Access. According to Engadget, EA’s subscription service — which has been available only on Microsoft platforms (PCs and Xbox Ones) — is finally bridging the console gap to Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Sony has been notoriously stingy with any cross-company cooperation in its gaming sector, putting up plenty of fights about crossplay in games like Fortnite, but has softened after fan response has been overwhelmingly negative. In this case, the $4.99/month or $29.99/year service will give gamers access to games ahead of their release as well as games in the company’s library like Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront. They also get a 10 percent discount on EA purchases, be they full games or in-game purchases.

EA Access will be available in the PlayStation Store in July.

Finally, roguelike Dead Cells (in which gamers play as a collection of dead cells embodied by a persistent soul), is coming to smartphones. Players will soon be able to fight their way through a dangerous and ever-changing world on the go.

Announcing it in a trailer, which fans can see below, Motion Twin explained that iOS will get the game first with an Android version to follow soon after:

New touch controls will help out those that don't wish to use a controller — though the mobile versions will also support that functionality for those already used to playing the multi-button game on something more tangible than a touchscreen.

Dead Cells goes mobile this summer.