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Horror parody Book of Monsters just did a Chestburster scene gnomes

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Jul 7, 2018, 12:19 PM EDT (Updated)

With FrightFest creeping up on us next month, fang-flashing, shapeshifting, Dark Rift Films’ chainsaw-raising horror spoof Book of Monsters has decided to freak us out ahead of time and just unleashed a new trailer and poster—with a chest-bursting surprise.

Just in case FrightFest doesn’t make what kind of movie festival it is glaringly obvious by name alone, the annual cinematic house of horrors in London takes what Cannes and those other festivals do and soaks it in (fake) blood. This “Woodstock of gore” has seen legends such as George Romero and Guillermo del Toro. Now it’s also going to experience a film that is something like one part Scary Movie, one part Yoga Hosers and one part retro horror revenge that borrows its title font from Stranger Things.

Directed by indie horror veteran Stewart Sparke and starring newcomers Lyndsey Craine, Michaela Longden, and Lizzie Stanton Nicholas Vince, Book of Monsters falls into that so-bad-it’s-good category of movies that the horror genre almost wants to forget but secretly doesn’t want to.

Book of Monsters movie poster

Credit: Dark Rift Films

The gore-spattered comedy about how many ways a girl’s 18th birthday party could possibly go wrong is crawling with creature effects and easter eggs, including throwbacks to Alien, Gremlins, Scream, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Birthday girl Sophie has to go Jason Voorhees on these things with a roaring chainsaw if she expects herself and her friends to reach final girl status.

“With sick, gory practical creature effects and a dark comedic edge, the film will be a fun, bloody and sexy trip back to a time when making it through high school was truly life or death,” says the Book of Monsters official Kickstarter page.

What was really cool about that Kickstarter was that backers could actually choose their own monsters. Based on votes, one from each of the six categories made it into the doomed party: Beast, Shapeshifter, Critter (see the gnomes emerging from things that look vaguely like Facehuggers?), Slasher, Abomination, and Paranormal. It also let you chose a gruesome death, an uninvited guest, an unexpected weapon of last resort, an eye-rolling horror trope, and a mysterious birthday present that probably should have gone unopened.

And then there’s that really familiar scene at the end of the trailer. You know it’s familiar even though it’s so dark you can barely see anything, because there’s an unnatural mucousy bulging of flesh before some garden gnomes burst out like that iconic xenomorph embryo that was Kane’s demise on the Nostromo. No word if you can feed them after midnight.

If you’re going to be in London around August 18, freak yourself out and ditch your other plans for FrightFest.

(via Flickering Myth)

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