From horsemen to succubi: Everything we know about Sleepy Hollow S2

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Sep 19, 2014

At face value, before the start of last season, Fox’s Sleepy Hollow really didn’t look like it would be that good. Boy, were we wrong.

The supernatural series was one of the biggest hits of last fall, and it built a reputation on fantastic characters, WTF twists and zero fear to embrace the weirdest and craziest corners of the supernatural. It was a breath of fresh air for genre fans, and now it's finally back for a second go-round. 

It’s hard to believe the first season was a mere 13 episodes, considering all the insanity they crammed into that compressed timeline. But we’ll be getting a super-sized dose of Sleepy Hollow this season, as they’ve cranked up the order to 18 installments.

So while we patiently wait for Ichabod and Abbie’s (hopefully) triumphant return to Fox’s schedule on Monday, Sept. 22, here’s everything we know about the sophomore season. And we mean everything.

The story so far: Buried alive, trapped in purgatory ... and War is here