Hot & Best: Illegal WoW, adorable Day, geeky White House

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Jan 22, 2013, 9:49 PM EST (Updated)

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments compiles That Which Was Recently Declared Awesome (by you): China's illegal World of Warcraft theme park, gender-bender Avengers, and a look down memory lane for Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who. Oh yeah, we were also reminded that Felicia Day is adorable as a LARPer on Supernatural. For these stories and more, click through now!

Our story: Behold China's illegal, $48 million World of Warcraft theme park

Your best comment: There are some MUCH better pictured of this park that actually show the parts that are definitely WoW characters such as Illidan, Lady Vash, and others. Even the signs are a direct rip off of WoW art. The Starcraft side is harder to see, but its there. — SMDrPepper

Our story: Batman + 8 more iconic sci-fi characters drawn using a single line

Your best comment: So, the 9th Doctor is "Eccleston Who". The 11th is "Smith Who". But the 10th is just "Doctor Who"? What? — JiFish

Our story: Heroes turn heroines in 3 gender-bending fan-made Avengers pics

Your best comment: "This summer's testosterone-fueled hit movie, The Avengers, was mostly all about the guys... to add a feminine touch to this past summer's tentpole" - Double entendre, anybody? — Matt Moore

Our story: Watch the new sci-fi short about to ignite a Hollywood bidding war

Your best comment: Is the video NSFW if you can see an alien's naughty bits? But the guy did figure out that you can make a movie that doesn't have a human one in it and people will watch it. Michel Bay should take notes. — Bobby Smith

Our story: 1st look at Felicia Day's adorkable LARPing Supernatural return

Your best comment: Love the LLAP salute in picture #12! She's actually a red headed Vulcan on [modern] day Earth, pretending to be in medieval times... I think my head just exploded! — nurbles

Our story: The future looks dark in 1st pic from Chris Evans' Snowpiercer

Your best comment: A "failed experiment to stop global warming"? Looks like they succeeded to me!

Seriously, the synopsis makes zero sense - even if we ignore the logical impossibility of a perpetual motion engine, if they have such a power source why didn't they just build an underground city instead of a fragile railway line? Of course, that would turn this into "City of Ember"... — Michael Marshall

Our story: Check out 10 rare '60s pics of Doctor Who + furry Yeti monsters

Your best comment: Just to clarify, not all of these pictures come from "The Abominable Snowmen", the first Yeti story. The later ones, set around London, were from the sequel, "The Web of Fear", which was filmed and shown a few months later. Also, the actor John Leven who played one of the Yeti? He later went on to appear without fur on camera as UNIT Sgt. Benton, first in "The Invasion" (as a corporal) with Troughton, then several stories as a sergeant with Jon Pertwee, and finally Regimental Sergeant Major opposite Tom Baker's fourth Doctor. — Eric Gjovaag

Our story: Rare interview with Trek's 1st Captain reveals hopes for a series

Your best comment: I think Hunter is just kidding himself. A show like the one he's talking about will never last and will quickly be forgotten. — Joseph Gurner

Our story: Read White House's geeky, witty response to Death Star petition

Your best comment: While I do find this response amusing and apropos, I also find it sad that the White House sets up this new form of democratic communication in an effort to find out what issues the people feel should be brought to the forefront of political discourse and what Americans do instead are start joke petitions that waste people's time having to respond to them. That said, it is funny. — Anecdatum

Our story: Forget S.H.I.E.L.D.--ABC considering live-action Star Wars series!

Your best comment: Yeah, forget S.H.I.E.L.D. Because why would a network produce two new shows in one season? — Austin Harper

Our story: WTF? Did Lucas get famous Star Wars phrase from a '74 Vogue ad?

Your best comment: Whatever happened to Quathra? That luxury fabric from the 21st Century? — Greg Ramirez

Our story: Why Robert Picardo thought he 'got the worst part' on Voyager

Your best comment: Now that is a great story. What an interesting insight from the actor's point of view. Voyager was a great series. For me it brought back the feel of TOS, a small starship exploring on its own. The crew on TNG never seemed to be in any real danger, and the main vehicle on DS9 was fixed in one position, but Voyager was pressing forward into the unknown on every episode. The Doctor was one of many, many strong character portrayals that made the series memorable and made me care about what happened to the characters. In contrast, by the time Enterprise ended, I still couldn't name all the characters and the actors who portrayed them. — Harold Jordan

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