Hot & Best: Wash lives! Kraken lives! Geordi's Jheri curl!

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Jan 22, 2013, 5:53 PM EST

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments challenges (with science) Wash's grim fate in Serenity, looks at real-life pictures of a real-life giant squid, considers how J.R.R. Tolkien's son dislikes Jackson's films, checks out early ST:TNG test footage ... and mourns the loss of a Trek fan whose last wish was to see Into Darkness. For stories that will both move and shake you, click through.

Our story: Fan hopes science will prove tragic Firefly death never happened

Your best comment: Ah ... but any devotee of science fiction ... and Frank Herbert's "God Emperor of Dune" installment would tell Joss: Clone replication via axlotl tank is all that would be required for The Alliance to use Wash's "tissue" to re-boot him as "their" inside man in an attempt to infiltrate Serenity for another shot at River, Mal, et al - I reckon none of the Cap'n's crew is in good favor with the nefarious power establishment after Miranda ... and we all know Wash would eventually remember he's a good guy and helop save the day ... there's your next movie Browncoats! — Michael Gaiman

Our story: Boring U.S. bills get awesome makeover as Justice League currency

Your best comment: Ben Franklin with a Green Lantern ring. Now that could actually work. I'll bet Mark Twain had one too. — GLExcelsior

Our story: The Kraken lives! 1st ever video of a live giant squid captured

Your best comment: After this last weekend's auction in Japan of a blue fin tuna for $736,000, I wonder how long until some pirate fishermen employ the same infrared technology to capture this behemoth?

The race to bag the first giant squid sold for sushi is on! — Rob Marshall

Our story: 3 intricate maps tell entire story of original Star Wars trilogy

Your best comment: That's awesome... I kept expecting to see characters from "The Family Circus" and the "not me" ghost running around! — Dan Ware

Our story: Check out 3 awesome new Wolverine, Iron Man and Superman HD pics

Your best comment: I hope she kisses him and then he has to go fight badguys with lipstick lips on his mask. — Anecdatum

Our story: Does this Taiwanese photo prove transparent aliens walk among us?

Your best comment: That aliens supervisors are going to be piiiissed... ALWAYS check the energy levels of your stealth unit before you leave the safe areas! Sheesh! — Feyd Darkholme

Our story: J.R.R. Tolkien's son says Peter Jackson 'eviscerated' his dad's work

Your best comment: This isn't surprising at all. Neither he nor his father were fans of movies in general so Christopher definitely is not going to like an adaption of something that he feels such an intimate connection to. An author really needs to enjoy movies in order to feel that an adaption of one of their works is acceptable. Lets just be glad that he is willing to let these movies be made at all. — jamesval556

Our story: Fan whose final wish was to see Star Trek Into Darkness dies at 41

Your best comment: Okay, happy, you made me cry! What a great thing for Abrams to do! I lost my husband in August 2011 and he was a huge Trekkie so this story really hit home! RIP Dan! — DebbieMcCarrick

Our story: See Data's early makeup, Geordi's Jheri curl in ST:TNG test footage

Your best comment: Oh, I thought this was test footage of Turbo for Breakin' 3: The Next Generation — JamMasterW

Our story: Henry Cavill's looking mighty grim in new Man of Steel pic

Your best comment: JLF2033 - I agree. But you have to admit, that for a 1978 superhero movie this isn't the standard cheesy, low budget, bad costume garbage we would expect.

This is the same year that Jaws 2, Dawn of the Dead, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Halloween, Animal House and Midnight Express all came out, and Superman was #2 at the box office.

There were no other superhero, or even heroic science fiction, that year (but plenty of apocolyptic zombie, alien invasion and horror movies).

78's Superman was cheesy, campy and silly, but really well done and well used a respectible budget. The problem today is there are five big budget superhero movies coming out this summer alone, including Man of Steel.

We've grown cynical and expect *our* version of comic book perfection with every character we fawn over. — Rob Marshall

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