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Hot Toys' sinister Grand Moff Tarkin hopes to sweep away the Old Republic

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Aug 11, 2017

You might not recognize his foul stench from these first images of Hot Toys' Grand Moff Tarkin collector figure, and his piercing eyes definitely appear set on a military target to wipe out that pesky Rebel Alliance once and for all.

Clad in a subdued olive green uniform and injected with a trademark steely gaze, this spartan 1/6 scale premium figure of the formidable Imperial commander showcases an impressive screen likeness of actor Peter Cushing in the original Star Wars: A New Hope.


Featuring a hand-painted head sculpt, 30 points of articulation, swappable hands, an Imperial-supplied Galactic Empire Death Star chair, and a custom Star Wars figure stand, he's prepared to deal with your Rebel friends at a moment's notice.

Hot Toys' austere Star Wars Grand Moff Tarkin is available for pre-order now at Sideshow Collectibles for $235, with an expected delivery of September 2018. Pair him with the Dark Sith Lord for a Darth Vader two-pack for $470, also coming Q3 2018.

Check out the commanding new images below and tell us if you're ready to swear allegiance to the moody, stern-faced Moff Tarkin.

Here's the official description:

"You may fire when ready.” - Grand Moff Tarkin

An ambitious, ruthless proponent of military power, Wilhuff Tarkin became a favorite of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and rose rapidly through the Imperial ranks. Tarkin saw the Death Star as a way to crush all dissent to the Empire's rule with the fear of the station's planet-killing superlaser and made a terrifying demonstration of the station’s power by destroying Alderaan in front of Princess Leia’s eyes.

Sideshow and Hot Toys are very excited to officially present the highly anticipated 1/6 scale collectible figure of Grand Moff Tarkin from Star Wars: A New Hope!

Meticulously crafted based on the appearance of Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars: A New Hope, the figure features a newly developed head sculpt with a phenomenal likeness, a finely tailored Imperial uniform, Grand Moff Tarkin’s high back chair, and a specially designed figure base.

The Grand Moff Tarkin collectible figure will surely be an excellent addition to “fire” up your Star Wars collection!

(via Sideshow)

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